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Documents from Shadow of the Truth.


Life is about how we see it and define it. Worldview is developing all the time. Sometimes you come across things which have power of change in your life or at least help you to find your inner truth.





First at all our main goal was to gather data of paranormal phenomena experienced by the Finnish people. It was part of the process where I was writing an article about the paranormal phenomena as part of the Finnish folklore. I was writing a theory on how the paranormal phenomena can influence an individual's worldview - even very dramatically. Well, I started to collect material with help of the bestknown Finnish UFO researcher, architecht and author Tapani Koivula. He organized the first interview of UFO contactee Visa Kaliva for me - and dozens more afterwards.

My own background is work in health care (psychiatric field) for the last 15 years. I became interested in the paranormal when I was 15 years old and gave a lecture about UFOs in my school religion class. From that moment Tapani has been helping to develope my knowledge of the paranormal. Now 25 years have passed from my first contact with the paranormal phenomena and I have come to a stage where it's time to bring these interesting experiences of Finnish people to wider audience. Our subjects' personalities and life stories are pretty amazing. There is no good reason why it should stay only within the borders of our nation.

Our research continues and we will interview also other nations' people in the future. It´s kind of a lifestyle and a good way for me to meet new interesting people - by making documentaries with them. I ´ll hope that you will enjoy as much as I do by watching these incredible life stories. Finnish documents are subtitled in English.

Timo Tahvanainen alias Shadow Camera

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